The Art Market

The Cheat Festival Art Market is a semi-circle of high quality artist’s booths located in the center of vendors’ rows. Come check out a beautiful selection of regional work from many local and regional artists. A great day-time activity for the whole family!

Check out the amazing artists who attended Cheat Fest 2015 below!

Gail Anderson

An artist since childhood, Gail brings thirty years of experience as a painter, potter, and silversmith together to create a unique line of jewelry and pottery you won’t find anywhere else. Starting with high fire stoneware, her work ranges in decoration from the natural earth tones of sand and wood to rich vivid colors; from intricate landscapes to delicate hand painted flowers. Gail Anderson dreamed up the Cheat Festival Art Market and works hard to make it a success every year! Thank you Gail!


Adam Waddell
AjwCreations focuses on unique design with a natural look and feel. My work mainly consist of home decor items, ceramics house wear/ sculpture and jewelry.

adamwaddell 2

David Cerbone
David’s work in photography is the result of his continuing explorations of the Cheat River as it flows through Preston County, West Virginia. He takes many of his photographs within walking distance of his house in Albright, along the edges of the Cheat River Festival site. He also routinely visits various spots on a stretch of the river known at “the Narrows”, which runs along Route 72 between Kingwood and Rowlesburg, as well as various points along Muddy Creek.

David makes many of his photographs using pinhole and zone plate cameras, which are simple wooden boxes that do not use any kind of optical lenses. He also likes using a variety of plastic cameras, including Holga and Diana cameras, as well as various thrift shop finds. As we move further into the digital age of photography, David’s interests have reached further back to the very beginnings of photography in the 19th Century, as he has struggled to master the wet plate collodion process, as well as cyanotype and other early printing processes. Despite this backward-looking bent to his photographic work, he enjoys using digital cameras as well: he has taken many pictures of and around the Cheat using digital cameras that have been converted to record infrared light. David is also a big fan of the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone.

Cerbone # 1

Sandra Frank
I have been creating with wool since childhood. I learned to crochet at a very young age from my mother and grandmother. I have used crocheting as a way to produce, relax, meditate, and create for as long as I can remember. I began felting in a quest for non-toxic, educational toys made from natural materials. I have always loved color and have explored how things capture and reflect light through both creative and scientific endeavors.

Catherine Aulick

With hammer and saw, strength and skill, I transform heavy, sturdy metals into the delicate, ephemeral forms of nature.  The intricate beauty of natural stones inspires my work.

cathy aulik

Jon Pitts
Wooden jewelry embellished with miniature mosaics made from tiny, different colored pieces of recycled wood, all proudly handmade by Jon Pitts.


Linda S. Gribko
Linda S. Gribko is a self-taught nature photographer and artist based in Morgantown, WV.  Following a BS and PhD in wildlife and forestry, Gribko worked in several fields including research, garden design, and computer programming before leaving a corporate career in market analytics to pursue the arts and environmental advocacy.  She married several different passions in the creation of Milkweed Rising, a unique business model that allows her to share her love of nature through her art and photography while also providing inspiration to those who would like to make their outdoor space more inviting to pollinators, butterflies, and wild birds.  Although she enjoys working in a variety of media, Gribko has recently started a unique series of nature mandalas, each created by applying color replacement techniques to a single digital photograph to tease out hidden pattern and design. Her work is currently displayed at shops and galleries in West Virginia, including Tamarack, and online.

GRIBKO Crown Chakra Celebration Mandala Framed in Mahogany

Lee Gainer
I am Lee Gainer, owner of Ginger Blue Naturals, LLC. I pride myself on creating 100% natural body care. Ginger Blue was born from the desire to find safe and natural skin care for our children, as well as ourselves.

lee_ginger blue

Eddie Maier
As a Printmaker, my favorite method of printing is woodcut. Woodcut printing consists of carving a piece of wood, inking the surface then printing on handmade paper. My inspiration comes from nature’s bountiful beauty. By making art, I feel I can live closer to the spirit that moves through all things. I learned my trade initially while traveling to Australia. I’ve picked up many tricks from scores of generous people. West Virginia University is the place where I earned my degree in printmaking and art education. My art is a conversation between you, me and the people and places of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your time.

Mary Jo Schick
I have been creating and selling Dyed clothing for over 25 years. It all started at the Good Old Grateful Dead, we saw the band about 250 times ( I lost count at about 150);it was a way you could see the band, pay your way and maybe even make a little money. Plus all the greatest dyers were on Dead Tour so it was always so inspirational.  Once they clamped down on vending at Dead Shows, I moved over to Art Shows, and it was my Day Job for the last 20+ years.  Now my Day Job is Thai Yoga Massage, but I still produce Dyework, expanding to include Yoga Clothing. And I love returning to Cheat Fest every spring, there’s nothing like it!


Juliette M. Collins
I have been making baskets for over 30 years and still enjoy making them.  My baskets are usually colorful and have lots of detail.

Juliette Colins

Mik Wright
Mik Wright has been making those shoes for over 40 years. self taught. his work has been featured at many of the top art and fine art shows in the country, including the new orleans jazz fest, the smithsonian and the philly museum craft show. his work has been a feature at tamarck since it’s beginning. mostly retired from that circus mik now only comes out to do a few select shows in his home state.  wild and wonderful west virginia.


Matt Newhall
Hello! My name is Matthew Newhall. I am twenty-four years of age and live approximately five minutes from the town of Oakland, with my beautiful wife Laura Newhall and three year old daughter Alana Newhall. I am currently trying to take my passion for wood working and forge it into a career, known as Newhall’s Rustics. All materials used to craft my products are cut and sawn straight from our family owned tree farm. By taking on custom orders, attending craft festivals, and others vending events, I hope to turn my dream as a wood worker into a reality. I couldn’t be more excited to participate in the Cheat River Festival this coming may and can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Matthew Benson
I am a self-taught artisan who draws on the techniques and items of the past in order to create unique pieces that have both form and function in the modern world.


Ben Kolb  
My inspiration and subject matter has always been the natural beauty that surrounds us in West Virginia. The mountains, streams and lakes that are part of my blood come out in every piece that I create. I hope that the passion for being outside and the respect I hold dear for nature transfers to  the buyer or end user of my art.

ben kolb 1

ben kolb 2

  Adia Kolb
I am a 15 year old student enrolled at North Marion High School. I enjoy reading, writing, and crocheting. My crochet knowledge comes from my Fashion teacher there, although I was first taught by my grandmother. I try to incorporate the colors, shapes, and textures that I see every day into my work.

adia kolb

Vie Davis
Nika Keller and Vie Davis  make jewelry crafted from hand made beads out of recycled paper.  They make the paper beads themselves, it is a 5 step labor intensive process. Each year more than 9 billion of the 12 billion magazines published in the United States either wind up in landfills or get incinerated. We use paper that would otherwise be thrown away in our crafts… there is much beauty to be found in recycled materials.

Katie Mullins
Embroidered jewelry with gemstones and seed beads.


Gabe DeWitt

Gabe’s art extends through many styles and mediums: concrete, bronze, steel, wood, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil to name a few. A graduate of West Virginia University, with BS in Civil Engineering and a minor in Studio Art, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge as part of his creative process. While drawing and painting have always been a strong passion in Gabe’s artistic carrier, in the last 10 years photography has become a larger focus for his creative expression, along with the tools of the trade.

Gabe DeWitt_Canaan Valley_January 25, 2014--13-L

Artists who are interested in participating in the Art Market should check out the Art Market Application page here.

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